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The doge, the dogaressa and all the highest offices of the Venetian Magistrature (from the past), are the protagonists of one of the most important events in the city of Venice: the Historical Regatta.

This event, very much felt by the Venetians, takes place on the first Sunday of September

and is divided into two moments:

A first part is dedicated to the passage, along the Grand Canal , of a procession opened by the Queen of Cyprus (forced to abdicate in the lagoon city) followed by the “Marie”, women who were rescued by Venetian sailors after being abducted , in marriageable age, by foreign troops. In fact, the first Historical Regatta took place in 1274 precisely to celebrate their liberation.

The second part is developed in regattas (competitions) among rowing boats of all types:

Regata de le Maciarele and de le Schie, Regata dei giovanissimi on two-oared pupparini,

Six-oared caorline regatta, International University Rowing Challenge,

Women’s regatta on two-oared mascarete, two-oar gondolini regatta

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