Rialto Bridge

Located in the heart of the city, it was built to cross the Grand Canal, the most important artery of Venice, in what was, and is, the businesses district.

It ‘always been the symbol of the mercantile and business of the oldest and most active of the city, cheered from the crowded docks and picturesque markets, then as now, flanking the Channel.

The bridge has a single arch, whose measure rope well over twenty-eight meters and carries two rows of shops that are connected to each other, at the center, by two arcs so that the entire length of the bridge is tripartite. For centuries the Rialto Bridge is a very busy part of the city. At any time of the day you see crowds of people cross it, rummaging through the souvenirs or take a rest to observe its balustrades the incessant activity of the Grand Canal.