Saint Mark’s Basilica

Saint Mark’s Basilica is a wonderful building that is the symbol of the magnificence and grandeur of the Republic of Venice during the thousand years of the Venetian life.
It underwent many changes over time from primary brick construction, but already set with arches that overlook the Piazza San Marco.
In 828 Justinian Partecipazio laid the foundations of St. Mark’s Basilica, after he was transported from Alexandria to Venice on the body of the Evangelist, by gathering the oratory of the previous church dedicated to San Teodoro.
After several fires the Church was restored: it was so covered with marbles, frescoes and completely covered basilica mosaics were eliminated.
The style that predominates is the greek byzantine with some mixture of Arabic and German. This church always remained the ducal chapel until 1807, when it became a cathedral by edict of Napoleon.

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